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7 Hour Site Safety Refresher

Location Start Date Time Cost
Brooklyn, NY Jun 07, 2016 08:00 am - 04:00 pm $250.00 Registration Closed
Brooklyn, NY Jun 07, 2016 08:00 am - 04:00 am $250.00 Registration Closed
7-Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher - The 7 Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher Course is designated towards individuals looking to renew their site safety manager certifications. This course will review the content learned in the initial 40-hour site safety manager course. The site safety manager refresher course is designed to prepare potential candidates with exceptional site safety skills and work practices while performing construction jobs in New York City. This test is meant to help individuals prepare themselves for the site safety managers test. During this course students will review the rules of New York City as they pertain to public safety and specific work practices that are necessary on urban construction sites.

In order to be eligible for the site safety managers test, individuals must participate in the 40-hour course as well as complete the final exam. This course is also a prerequisite for individuals applying for their site safety coordinator and construction superintendent licenses. Our course is developed by experienced instructors and uses a combination of videos, lectures, power point presentations and hands-on activities.

Requirements: Individuals must have completed the initial 40-hour site safety manager training course in order to participate in the 7-hour refresher course. Participants should have a strong understanding of building codes relating to public safety.

Details: Please see the complete details and exact days of the course on the enrollment page.
  • Learn responsibilities of site safety managers and site safety coordinators
  • Responsibilities of superintendents and when they are needed on site
  • Concrete Safety Manger explanation and responsibilities
  • Fire Safety Manager explanation and responsibilities
  • Review major safety subjects regarding construction site work
  • Explain and review major construction site hazards.
  • List and define NYC DOB chapter 33
  • Explain under what circumstances DOB should be contacted for
  • Explain all major safety protocols for safety, standpipe inspection, cranes, derricks and scaffolds