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  • Site Safety Management Able Safety not only delivers complete, cost-effective site safety management services solutions to our customers
    as promised and without compromise, but we have the resources and the support to back it up.
    Site Safety Management
    Able Safety not only delivers complete, cost-effective site safety management services solutions to our customers
    as promised and without compromise, but we have the resources and the support to back it up.

Site Safety Management

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a proposal for your next project. Our top priority is to serve you, with our best efforts. Please call Able Safety: whether you need to be re-certified safety management services, or having required to have the license for the site safety management services.

Our Site Safety Management Services provide quality personnel at competitive rates. We provide NYC DOB Licensed Site Safety Managers and Coordinators, Concrete Safety Managers, FDNY Construction Site Fire Safety Managers, Site Safety Representatives (MTA, DEP, SCA, USACE, PA, etc.), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), Construction Health and Safety Technicians (CHST) and Quality Assurance/Control Personnel.

Whether you have a complex problem that needs to be resolved, safety consultants, general safety and health project assistance, OSHA experts, or operational layout ergonomic support, Able Safety is a group of committed occupational health and safety consulting professionals whose wide experience and knowledge base is your own fundamental key to successful execution of workplace safety, injury reduction, corporate loss management, as well as regulatory compliance. Our safety consultants will train you to make your work environment as safe as possible. Our safety services include safety training that is approved by federal and local authorities. We are accredited by Occupational Safety and Health Administration making us a great choice if you are in need of any certifications. Our priority is to train you with our best efforts and get you the certifications you need to stay in compliance and do your jobs effectively.

Whether you need an assistant at a construction site, or your in need of an extra quality assurance expert please contact one of our safety professionals today. Able Safety would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



A Licensed Site Safety Manager is needed on demolition or new construction sites on major buildings. A major building is a building suggested to have any of these features: 1. Be constructed to a height of 10 or even more stories; 2. Be constructed to a height of 125 feet or even more; 3. Have a lot coverage of 100,000 sq ft or more despite height; or 4. As specified by the commissioner. A Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager should be designated and present on the demolition or construction of major buildings based on and in compliance with Section 3310. ABLE Safety Consulting has several, licensed, professionally trained and competent site safety managers having the ability to quickly fill the needs you have for your project.


Able Safety Consulting is an accredited agency. Able Safety offers security training, security certification, construction safety training, flagger certification training, and related courses. We ensure that your Site Safety Manager and Coordinator Certification training is up to date. Whether you need to be certified in site safety, or site safety manager certification courses; please call us at 1.888.926.4727. Our promise is to give you our best efforts, so that you could get highest quality service.



A safety representative supervises safety in the workplace. His inspections make sure that the appropriate safety regulations are followed in the workplace, whether they are those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency or an equipment manufacturer. The safety representative represents the health and safety interests of workers and helps identify potential or actual dangers.


They will guide and advise employees with their safety questions. The duty of the site safety representatives is to look after the implementation of safe operations in the construction site, i.e. taking part to the inspection of working sites, choosing safe working methods and equipment, testing personal protective equipment etc. To improve the involvement of the safety representative in site safety the participation to planning, purchase and daily control should be made possible. The site safety representative manages every safety related information and protocol, to keep the work place safe.They are the mirror of the company, that shows quality and safety of the company that they work for. Furthermore, the participation to the safety meetings and necessary safety schooling should also be made possible.  Able Safety Representatives are educated under guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Our training and site safety representatives certification is what you need. We will make sure, that you have the right training under federal and local authorities. Please request a quote below!

According do the FDNY Fire Code it is mandatory that a Construction Site Fire Manager is present on all New York City Buildings Projects where a site safety manager and/or coordinator is required by the building code. It is the owners responsibility to designate the Fire Safety Manager to the construction site. The Fire Safety Manager may be the site safety manager or the site safety coordinator as required by the building code. The Fire Safety Manager will be in charge and responsible for the project staying in compliance with the FDNY Fire Code. On a daily basis the Fire Safety Manager will perform routine inspections on the construction site and all fire safety measures to ensure the projects fire safety. The Fire Safety Manager will also use an approved record keeping system to record all inspections that are conducted. The recorded information or log book is to be made available to any representative of the department for inspection. Fire Safety Managers will be responsible for the general supervision of the fire guards when fire watch services are provided. Fire Safety Managers are required to be present at the construction site while any construction, demolition or alteration work is performed.

Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are individuals who perform professional safety duties such as investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluations loss and incident records, preparing emergency response plans, evaluate potential controls and hazards, and determine risks. Other duties also include fire protection, health hazard control, hazard recognition, regulatory compliance, ergonomics, environmental protection, advising management, emergency response, record keeping, investigations,  hazardous materials management and managing safety programs.

In order to receive a CSP certification individuals must complete a series of extensive tests, full fill professional safety experience requirements and obtain the necessary academic requirements. Some of the fields which CSP’s must become acquired to are engineering and management safety aspects, regulatory and legal matters, professional affairs and applied sciences as well as many others.

The purpose of CSP’s are to protect the safety of employees, property, the general public and the environment by evaluating and managing potential risks. A CSP will re-evaluate safety programs on a corporate level in order to improve risks and losses. Certified Safety Professionals are an extremely important of any given industry.

Able Safety Consulting ensures the very best Certified Safety Professionals with up to date training and also provides training for safety professionals that need to become certified.

Able Safety Consulting has been delivering health and safety advice, services and training for many years, over which we have gained the experience and expert knowledge needed to support our clients with extraordinary service.

Our company has a staff of full time advisers and trainers that have been employed from a variety of sectors including engineering, local authority, manufacturing, construction and retail. We are capable of providing our expert safety services and safety training to all areas of New York. Able Safety is here to support you with any and all your health and safety issues.

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