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According to OSHA, the individuals lack of safety training played a huge role in his death at the manufacturing plant where he worked. The worker who was an employee at the Tonawanda Coke Corporation, was dragged into the rotating shaft on a coal elevator as he greased and lubricated the elevator. As he was preparing to grease the elevator his jacket became caught, pulling him into the rotating shaft which ended his life.


As the individual would of learned in safety training, the plant should of been shutdown and locked out prior to performing maintenance on the elevator which is stated in the hazardous energy control rule (Lockout / Tagout).


The company received numerous violations totaling to $175,200 in fines. The Violations include failure to:


  • Ensure the shutdown of power sources for the coal elevator and another machine and that energy isolation devices had lockout devices affixed
  • guard projecting shafts and bolts on the coal elevator against employee contact
  • provide hazardous energy control training to authorized employees and inform them of the location of energy control devices.
  • conduct and certify an inspection of energy-control procedures
  • ensure the full lockout of an energy control device
  • maintain working surfaces in a clean and dry condition


The OSHA area director in buffalo New York stated that ” Training employees on lockout procedures and ensuring those procedures are used would have prevented this needless loss of a workers life”


Failure to control hazardous energy can lead to major injuries and even death. According to OSHA 10 percent of the serious injuries or accidents that occur in industries are due to hazardous energy. OSHA has put proper lockout and tagout procedures in place in order to safeguard workers from these accidental events. The OSHA lockout/tagout Face Sheet will give you an overview of the procedures and practices that are used to disable machinery or equipment to prevent hazardous energy release. The lockout/Tagout standard states that it is the employers responsibility to ensure that his or her workers are properly trained on these procedures and that theses procedures are being properly performed in the workplace.





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