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Employees may not realize the risks they take when we work in places with less then satisfactory safety protocols or perhaps places that disregard OSHA regulations all together. Since january 1st in Illinois alone a staggering 36 workers have lost their lives on the job. That is an average of one life every single week.


Greater Workplace Vigilance needed as OSHA opens 36 Fatality Investigations

We no longer live during a time when making a living should have to cost you your life. These injuries, fatalities and illnesses in the workplace are all preventable and can be avoided if employers and workers follow OSHA guidelines the way there supposed to. OSHA


For example in February of 2016 a 36-year old truck driver was struck and by a powered industrial vehicle (forklift) when offloading his truck. This incident was blamed on the employees lack of training and the employers inability to require the use of wheel blocks when parking forklifts on inclines. This problem could of been avoided if the employer required his/her workers to attend the proper 4 hour forklift training course.


Another incident which could of been prevented is when a 47-year old laborer was trimming trees from an aerial lift over 45ft high when a tree branch struck the lift, ejecting the worker. He later died as a result of his injuries. OSHA came to the conclusion that the employer should have ensured the use of a harness as learned in the 10 hour osha training course.


Struck-by and fall hazards in construction make up the majority of workplace fatalities.




In order to reduce workplace related injuries, fatalities and illnesses OSHA recommend that employers should work with employees to:

  • Ensure tools and machinery are functioning properly
  • Work on developing procedures to eliminate hazards
  • ensure workers are provided and use personal protective equipment
  • Evaluate hazards in the workplace
  • Ensure and encourage workers are reporting workplace hazards
  • Train and retrain employees on proper safe operating procedures


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