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What is a Construction Flagger

There are many different types of flagger positions available but a construction flagger is the most sought after because there are so many construction projects going on simultaneously around the world. Flaggers are used in various construction operations to coordinate and control traffic within and around work zones. The main purpose of flagging is to keep the workers and general public safe from possible hazards created by construction vehicles and equipment.

Flaggers utilize strong communication skills to coordinate traffic with co-workers and control the flow of traffic around a busy construction site. Flaggers use a combination of radios, flags and signs to direct construction machinery including bulldozers and cranes because they have such a limited line of sight. This job usually requires some sort of training which leads to receiving a flagging certification.


How to Become a Construction Flagger

Every state is different but most of them require some sort of certification in order to work as a construction flagger on a job site. It is recommended that you take a look at your individual states requirements before enrolling in a flagging course to be sure that the course meets your states regulations. Once you are certain of your states requirements you can choose a flagger course to enroll in.

Since some employers dont accept the online flagging certification it is recommended that you choose an in person flagger training course. A construction flagger course will teach students about the equipment used and how to use it safely.


Construction Flagging Handbook


Flagging Certification

The most valuable thing you can have when it comes to getting a job as a construction flagger is a flagging certification. There are no requirements needed prior to taking a flagging training course and you also do not need any prior construction training to get a construction flagger job. the course will teach students the proper flagging procedures while working on a job site along with occupational safety for construction workers.

Some of the topics covered in training are safety procedures, safety equipment and how to respond to emergencies. Current rules and regulations related to your flagging duties will also be explained and discussed. At the end of the training course students will be given an exam to test what they have learned during the course.

Flagging Employment

Once you have received your certification it is time to start applying to jobs. Construction flaggers are usually in a high demand from both private construction companies and government agencies so with a certification in hand it shouldn’t take long for an individual to find work. Once you have received a job and get some experience under your belt its possible to become the leader of a flagging crew and increase your pay substantially.

People who begin work as a construction flagger also usually branch out into other aspects of construction or to work in other fields such as occupational health and safety.

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